The Paradox

As a pointed note, this world takes big strides away from canon Forgotten Realms. My Abeir-Toril and book Abeir-Toril are not one and the same.

Here’s where some of the differences lie.
-10972 An Avariel by the name of Draven Blackhart is born in what later became Cormyr. Shortly therafter, his brother, Tanis Blackhart, is born.

-10916 Lilandra Silverheart is born in Lilanthria, which is still undiscovered by the outside world.

-10100 Draven Blackhart founds Cormyr, choosing Suzail as it’s captial. He makes the land open to all races that might come, believing diplomatic relations with elves, humans and dwarves alike to be critical to the survival of his country.

-7400 Draven Blackhart is overcome with wanderlust, and leaves Cormyr in the care of a family of stewards, the Crownsilvers. Tanis accompanies him, and his daughter, Aelith, departs as well, vanishing to the east. She has changed her name dozens of times since her departure from Cormyr, so her whereabouts remain unknown.

-7060 Draven Blackhart discovers Lilanthria, and is immediately enamored by the nymphs there.

-7011 Tanis, jealous of Draven due to his relationship with Lilandra, departs Lilanthria in a rage.
Vindora and Liana Blackhart are born.

-7003 Tanis leads a contingent of drow high casters and potent warriors to Lilanthria, and Lilanthria is destroyed. Lilandra slays Tanis and binds him to his signet amulet, but is gravely wounded in the process and dies. Draven Blackhart and the rest of the nymphs are slain attempting to defend the young or escape, and Vindora is the only survivor. She is taken into the underdark.

-6994 Vindora Blackhart escapes the Underdark, and something terrible happens to her at the hands of her traveling companion.
Vindora finds her way to Cormyr, and, seeking shelter, crawls through a window in Damian Morthanos’ home. Immediately taken with her, Damian cares for her, unaware of her identity.

-6815 Damian takes Vindora to a Winter fete in the castle, and she is accosted by the other guests. She draws the Kingsblade to defend herself, and is clearly identified as a child of Draven. Enraged, the steward makes an effort on her life and is imprisoned.

-6814 Vindora Blackhart assumes the throne of Cormyr.

-6800 Neighboring areas attack Cormyr, hoping to claim the land from the young queen, starting the First Cormyrian War. Cormyr wins a decisive victory after 40 years of war. Cormyr begins to expand as more efforts of conquest by neighbors meet with utter failure. The road that leads from Arabel to the castle in Suzail is named The Veridian Strip, and Vindora promises the people of Cormyr that no enemies will ever set foot on the Veridian Strip.

-6550 Damian Morthanos is knighted in Cormyr.

-6019 Vindora Blackhart, heavy with child, travels to the north of Cormyr for peace talks with northern settlements, and Damian Morthanos, now captain of the Royal Guard leaves her side, allowing drow mercenaries kidnap her, taking her to the Underdark once again for purposes unknown. She is kept near death, and the child, Shiagra Blackhart, is cut from her womb, and sold to a human.
Damian rescues Vindora, who demands he search for their lost child.

-5997 RiOrdan Blackhart is born.

-5982 Damian Morthanos commits some grievous act that offends Vindora deeply. Damian is banished for 100 years as a result.

-5882 Damian returns from exile.

-5781 Draikur Blackhart is born.

-5779 Wyvern and Warren Blackhart are born, the first set of Royal Twins.

-5700 Cormyr sees it’s longest peace since Vindora Blackhart took the throne. This peace will continue for a millenia.

-5690 Gavin Blackhart is born.

-5582 Alaric Blackhart is born.

-5101 Merrick and Maeve Blackhart are born in Cormyr.

-5099 Eldoras Blackhart is born in Cormyr.

-4874 Shiagra Blackhart is found in Shadowdale. Vindora travels there to retrieve her, giving birth to Adrian Blackhart before departing the city with the eldest princess she is finally reunited with.

-4712 Damian Morthanos is landed as a Duke. He gains the title of Lord High Marshall of the Purple Dragons.

-4697 Enraged at Vindora Blackhart’s refusal of his marriage proposals, Oacenth of Jhyrennstar declares war on Cormyr. Vindora’s efforts at resolving the conflict with minimal casualties will carry on until past the end of Oacenth of Jhyrennstar’s days. The 700 year War of Empires begins.

-4008 Shiagra Blackhart marries Lucien Thydryll, a drow in service to the Cormyrian throne. Their first child, Kyriana Blackhart, is born the year following.

-4000 The Coronal Oacenth of Jhyrennstar falls ill; the Ruling Trials last from Midsummer to Harvestide; the three elfblades are forged. Coronal Kahvoerm Irithyl becomes the ruler of Semberholme, Jhyrennstar, and Elven Court, all of which are now the elven nation of Cormanthyr.

-3997 In an effort to finish what his predecessor started, Coronal Kahvoerm Irithyl sends a large military force against Cormyr, and is utterly defeated. Cormanthyr became part of the Cormyrian empire, but maintained its sovereignty.

-3750 Trade begins between Netheril and Cormyr.

-3145 Ioulaum led a major battle with thousands spellcasters and warriors against the orcs in the Rampart Peaks. The orcs retreated and on the field lay 118000 corpses, 10000 of whom were orcs. Ioulaum, not satisfied, wanted to find where the orcs are stationed. After years of scouting, tracking and scrying the major habitats of orcs was found in the knolls surrounding the Canton River. With more than 50000 troops, Ioulaum began a war called “Excursion into Extinction” that lasted 16 months. He sacrificed 32000 troops, but killed 140000 orcs! The two mountains where the war was set become known as Bone Hill and Thunder Peak.
Cormyr aids Ioulaum in the battles.
-2997 Thanatos and Thane Blackhart are born twins in Cormyr.

c. -2642 Cormyr expands further west, claiming land that would later become Waterdeep. Cormyr now has naval ports on both the Sea of Fallen Stars and the ocean.

-2201 Lady Gwenwyvere Blackhart is born to Shiagra and Lucien.

-1012 The greater entity of time, under the guise of a mortal named Darius, is gripped by madness and attacks Vindora Blackhart. Damian is nearly killed in her defense. Leviathan Blackhart is conceived and born. Darius flees to the Time Vortex, comes to his senses, and tends to his duties

-1000 Lyssa comes to be in the Time Vortex.

The Paradox

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