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Welcome to The Paradox.

The cosmic entity of Time turned his eyes to Abeir-Toril, and changed it. Many things in history are different from where they were, and many of the major players in the Realms may have gone unnoticed in time, were it not for this strange influence. Other aspects of the cosmos have turned their eyes to this world, making it currently a very interesting place.

The Cosmos and You

Greater Cosmic entities like Time and the Circle of Five really don’t care much for mortal affairs. They do not need worshipers to survive, and really ought to not be in the world at all, but due to the influence of Time, other great powers have started poking around with the world.

House Rules

I have a few of these, so they will have a page all their own.

The Pantheon

At this point in time, the pantheon is altered. A few gods were slain in campaigns past, so the landscape is a little different. Other deities are more subtle than before, like Mystra and Corellon. Their presence, though frequent in the realms, goes mostly unnoticed by the mortals there.

The War in Sembia

The War between Sembia and Cormyr broke out in 1510 after centuries of tension, and currently, 48 years later, Sembia is desperately trying to reclaim Selgaunt, as it’s a valuable piece of real estate. Sembia’s military forces really don’t stand a chance in this war, and they never did. Cormyr has little desire to trample Sembia and it’s farms; and thus, Cormyr has been attempting resolution, while simply blockading Sembian passage into Cormyrian territory. Vindora Blackhart, the longstanding monarch of Cormyr, does not have everlasting patience though, and Sembia’s repeated refusals of peace will soon get them closer to a terrible fate, as the world’s finest military lies poised for battle against a sorely under-equipped nation that’s gotten too big for its britches.

Main Page

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