The Bloody Tempest


8 Alturiak, 1568DR
The morning starts with a startling development- Christian Cross is poisoned, as is his lady of the evening, the bar slave Nadine. He survives the toxin, but she does not, her soul stolen by a contingency. She rises as a revenant. Local priesthood cures Christian’s poison at Kaltanath’s behest, but he must heal normally until he wakes again.

Meanwhile, Alejandro and Seifer have a heart to heart, and Reese Thalassan gains valuable intelligence.

He meets Twylite, the chosen bedwarmer of Jerich, the current Zulkir of Enchantment/Charm, and he learns from her that a circle of Red Wizards loyal to him are responsible for much of the terrible things going on- including the corruption of the local elan and the kidnapping of Astrid. She makes him a deal: She gets them close to the parties involved in their hardship, and they get her out of the city in such a fashion that Jerich wont come looking for her.

(+50 exp for Reese.)

The Jewel of the East

1 Alturiak, 1568DR
The party rescues the ship and it’s crew from merfolk pirates, and finds Kaltanath, the survivor of a wreck. They rescue him and warm him up from the bitter cold.

7 Alturiak, 1568DR
The Wayfarer arrives in Eltabbar, the Jewel of the East, and the group is surprised by the marvel that is the city’s amazing architecture and beautiful canals. They get rooms at the Grey Mare, a local inn, and share in food and drink and merriment, well, all but Seifer. He remains his gloomy self, He avoids the merrymaking, not at all distracted from his initial task. Being in the city yet not sure where Astrid is being held sets his teeth on edge, and he falls back on old habits. He attracts some attention from the local ladies, but it’s Christian Cross that manages to take a lady to his bed. The morning will make for quite the busy day.

an additional 50exp for Christian.

Departing Stronger

1 Alturiak, 1568DR
The party has met Christian Cross and recruited him to join, as they depart from Selgaunt on route to Thay. The first day at sea has seasickness greet Christian, and Seifer, who is only familiar with seafaring on a much larger and steadier vessel. They recover by the dark of night, only to hear the entrancing siren song of mermaids….

300 exp.


Seifer has been informed that Astrid has been kidnapped, and is being held in Eltabbar as bait for him. Immediately, partly due to his recent spiritual experience, he decides he must go rescue her.
The party has picked up a guide, assigned to them by the Cormyrian prince who paid a visit. Alejandro Vinsfeld seems charismatic, but beyond that, he is a total mystery. The party has bought passage onto a merchant vessel, the Wayfarer, and currently is waiting to depart for Thay.

400 exp

The Cosmos and You?

Seifer angers one of the most powerful men in the realms, and then baits him to the point where Lionar Caine Darkwynd snuffs Seifer out like an candle at bed time. With a stroke of luck, Seifer’s soul, on its ascent, is caught by cosmic entities, who decide he could use another chance.



Kaji offered a suggestion to get out of harm’s way, with Seifer and Sophie cooperating to create a diversion, and all of them escaping the confirmed killer Watch in the commotion, but Seifer goes overboard, causing an explosion at a stable while Sophie was inside, nearly leading to her death, which ultimately lead to Reese’s capture and torture.

Seifer made his report to his commander, and pleaded with a member of his unit for help, and running into Astrid. Sophie and Reese have been rescued, but what of Kaji? He left the party presence while leading guards off their trail, but no one has seen him since…


A plan, I say!

29 Hammer, 1568DR

The party gathers more intelligence, and something stirs under the surface. Seifer is alienated, and the plot thickens…

400 exp.

Information Gathering aplenty...

28 Hammer, 1568DR
Seifer researches Dweomer Magic, and meets Amalthea Luminaman and her companion, another man named Reese. She offers the information he’s looking for in exchange for an errand, delivering a message to the Lord High Admiral, aboard the HMS Maelstrom. They make plans to enter into the belly of the beast….
350 exp.

28 Hammer, 1568DR
The party sets out on this errand, returning briefly so that Seifer can change into his regular gear, and so that Sophie Telmett can change into uniform. They venture to the docks, and board the Maelstrom, delivering a message to the Bladesinger about the end of the war. Sembia doesn’t stand a chance against this assault, but they are given two days to accept peace. Seifer pleads for the Lord High Admiral to clear their names, and in a moment of generosity, she agrees, but not without scaring the hell out of the group. They flee the scene, and return to the temple of Mystra, to head out to dinner with Amalthea and the Reese she keeps as a companion. Seifer asks about his vision, and she tells them of Lilanthrians. They retire for the evening, with Seifer and Sophie bunking together, and Reese and Kaji bunking together… maybe… just maybe… they might get a full night’s sleep.

600 exp.

After much deliberation....

The party rests and recharges, Seifer asks Kaji Akamatsu to join them, and they continue on, deciding to head to the temple under cover of darkness. They discover fairly quickly that endurance is not one of Seifer’s strong suits, so for much of the dash to the temple, Seifer is being carried. They arrive to the temple around dawn, and split, Seifer and Kaji heading into the temple, and Sophie Telmett and Reese Thalassan heading to fetch breakfast.
Nothing yet on the labor bearing fruit, but research is not always a quick endeavor.
+350 exp

Not tragic!

Reese displays potent new abilities to aid Seifer, the boy that showed them to the temple introduced them to his big brother Kaji, who happens to be a monk in service to the Temple of Amaterasu. Kaji assists them in a nearly botched, but remarkably successful rescue of Sophie Telmett, and they return, victorious, a little tired, but mostly unhurt to the temple.

500 exp.


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