The Bloody Tempest

Well that didn't go very well...

26 Hammer, 1568DR
The group sets out towards the temple of Mystra, but is detoured twice. They spend most the day getting to a crossroads, with a choice between the longer, Watch infested path through Selgar’s Market, or the shorter, criminal heavy path through the Kozakura district. Choosing the latter, Seifer leads the group into danger. Sophie is kidnapped, and Seifer nearly loses his life to the bandits, but is rescued by Reese. A boy leads them to safety, where now they regroup at the shrine of Amaterasu.


Session 4

26 Hammer, 1568DR
The snow lets up. Seifer has a lucid nightmare, Peter makes himself scarce, and Beatrice reappears. She re-introduces herself as Astrid, a long time companion of Seifer’s. Many things are revealed and discussed. The general consensus is to go and investigate Amenhotep, but the party decides to make a detour and visit the Temple of Mystra across town in the Chancelgaunt Quarter, and dons disguises to make it as easy as possible.

Session 3

“I am THAYAN. We know no fear!
The Red Wizards did not frighten me.
The gods did not frighten me.
I was god.
I was invincible!
I was wrong.”

25 Hammer, 1568DR
The snow starts to fall again. Seifer, Reese, and Sophie discuss what to do next, deciding that clearing their names is high on the priorities list. Sophie suggests a hunt for Beatrice, their only clue being that she was staying somewhere near the water, and taking care of a man who’s soul was lost.
Thus, the party decides to head south, to the Inner Harbor, to look for her. They split up to search the area, Sophie buying a few spell components for Seifer, though his scrying attempts are met with utter failure. He questions civilians. Meanwhile, Reese gets a clue, a barkeep telling him about a Mulhorandi doctor who recently came into town himself. Shortly thereafter, he finds a man with no soul in an inn, and begins to speak with him. Eventually, he makes contact, discovering that the man’s soul is in the abyss, and Reese does everything in his power to give him a guiding light.
He is met again by Beatrice, who saves him from getting swallowed into the abyss. She explains a few things before making herself scarce.
Peter, full of darkness and mirth, strolls into the inn, meets Reese, and shortly thereafter, Seifer and Sophie arrive. Peter states that he is looking for Amenhotep, a Mulhorandi doctor. A fire breaks out after they depart, and Reese rushes back to help. They save seven people, including the soulless man, but it nearly costs Peter and Sophie their lives. The man speaks, saying “You of all people should know, Reese Thassalan, what it is to be a husk.” He then vanishes, and the party flees the scene to escape the coming watch, returning to the safe house.

Session 2

24 Hammer, 1568DR
Seifer and Reese are in a prison in Arkhen Quay. Seifer’s cell mate, a teenage boy with no name, attempts to implicate Seifer in exchange for his own freedom, but fails in this endeavor. Reese’s cell mate is a girl who introduces herself as Beatrice. A few hours into the day, a skirmish breaks out, catapult fire causing structural damage to the prison, and greek fire filling the corridors with smoke. Beatrice simply opens the cell door and departs, allowing Reese to free Seifer. Another prisoner by the name of Sophie pleads for them to rescue her as well, and they do. In exchange, she leads them to their gear and safely out of Arkhen Quay to a safe house in Hulorn’s Ward.

Session 1
Seifer and Reese meet

21 Hammer, 1568DR.
Seifer arrives with his unit to Selgaunt, selecting an inn in the Copper Alleys. That same day, a string of serial murders erupt, with five bodies discovered murdered in the exact same fashion. Kyriana Blackhart, the Skysplitter, leader of Seifer’s unit, orders the unit to split up and investigate, reporting back before the dusk curfew each night.

22 Hammer, 1568DR
Half way through the second day of his investigation, Seifer gets lost, as Selgaunt is a massive city. However, a passerby by the name of Reese Thalassan comes to his aid, assisting Seifer as a guide. They make a gruesome discovery after not too long, but fail to report it to the watch, and return to the inn to report to Kyriana.

23 Hammer, 1568DR
The following morning, they continue their search, making another gruesome discovery, but again, they do not contact the authorities. Upon their return to the inn that evening, the watch claps them in irons and takes them to prison, rightfully suspicious. Being new to her unit, Seifer gains no help from Kyriana at the moment.

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