The Bloody Tempest


8 Alturiak, 1568DR
The morning starts with a startling development- Christian Cross is poisoned, as is his lady of the evening, the bar slave Nadine. He survives the toxin, but she does not, her soul stolen by a contingency. She rises as a revenant. Local priesthood cures Christian’s poison at Kaltanath’s behest, but he must heal normally until he wakes again.

Meanwhile, Alejandro and Seifer have a heart to heart, and Reese Thalassan gains valuable intelligence.

He meets Twylite, the chosen bedwarmer of Jerich, the current Zulkir of Enchantment/Charm, and he learns from her that a circle of Red Wizards loyal to him are responsible for much of the terrible things going on- including the corruption of the local elan and the kidnapping of Astrid. She makes him a deal: She gets them close to the parties involved in their hardship, and they get her out of the city in such a fashion that Jerich wont come looking for her.

(+50 exp for Reese.)



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