The Bloody Tempest

The Jewel of the East

1 Alturiak, 1568DR
The party rescues the ship and it’s crew from merfolk pirates, and finds Kaltanath, the survivor of a wreck. They rescue him and warm him up from the bitter cold.

7 Alturiak, 1568DR
The Wayfarer arrives in Eltabbar, the Jewel of the East, and the group is surprised by the marvel that is the city’s amazing architecture and beautiful canals. They get rooms at the Grey Mare, a local inn, and share in food and drink and merriment, well, all but Seifer. He remains his gloomy self, He avoids the merrymaking, not at all distracted from his initial task. Being in the city yet not sure where Astrid is being held sets his teeth on edge, and he falls back on old habits. He attracts some attention from the local ladies, but it’s Christian Cross that manages to take a lady to his bed. The morning will make for quite the busy day.

an additional 50exp for Christian.



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