The Bloody Tempest

Session 1

Seifer and Reese meet

21 Hammer, 1568DR.
Seifer arrives with his unit to Selgaunt, selecting an inn in the Copper Alleys. That same day, a string of serial murders erupt, with five bodies discovered murdered in the exact same fashion. Kyriana Blackhart, the Skysplitter, leader of Seifer’s unit, orders the unit to split up and investigate, reporting back before the dusk curfew each night.

22 Hammer, 1568DR
Half way through the second day of his investigation, Seifer gets lost, as Selgaunt is a massive city. However, a passerby by the name of Reese Thalassan comes to his aid, assisting Seifer as a guide. They make a gruesome discovery after not too long, but fail to report it to the watch, and return to the inn to report to Kyriana.

23 Hammer, 1568DR
The following morning, they continue their search, making another gruesome discovery, but again, they do not contact the authorities. Upon their return to the inn that evening, the watch claps them in irons and takes them to prison, rightfully suspicious. Being new to her unit, Seifer gains no help from Kyriana at the moment.



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