The Bloody Tempest

Information Gathering aplenty...

28 Hammer, 1568DR
Seifer researches Dweomer Magic, and meets Amalthea Luminaman and her companion, another man named Reese. She offers the information he’s looking for in exchange for an errand, delivering a message to the Lord High Admiral, aboard the HMS Maelstrom. They make plans to enter into the belly of the beast….
350 exp.

28 Hammer, 1568DR
The party sets out on this errand, returning briefly so that Seifer can change into his regular gear, and so that Sophie Telmett can change into uniform. They venture to the docks, and board the Maelstrom, delivering a message to the Bladesinger about the end of the war. Sembia doesn’t stand a chance against this assault, but they are given two days to accept peace. Seifer pleads for the Lord High Admiral to clear their names, and in a moment of generosity, she agrees, but not without scaring the hell out of the group. They flee the scene, and return to the temple of Mystra, to head out to dinner with Amalthea and the Reese she keeps as a companion. Seifer asks about his vision, and she tells them of Lilanthrians. They retire for the evening, with Seifer and Sophie bunking together, and Reese and Kaji bunking together… maybe… just maybe… they might get a full night’s sleep.

600 exp.



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